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Our Promises


We continually strive to give better customer service to our clients by keeping you informed of the status of your case as it unfolds, listening to customer feedback, and providing you updates on areas of law that may concern you.


We promise to try to give you a fixed fee cost estimates in advance! Our fixed fee model provides you with certainty of pricing that you’ve always wanted and provides us with banishing what we hated in any event, the billable hour!


Want to chat with a legal representative to find out how we can help you? We would be happy to speak with you to clarify your issues, what extra details and particulars we need to properly deal with the next step of your case.

Our Legal Services in Vancouver

Personal Debt

Being in debt is a difficult position to be in, it causes stress for yourself and also tension within your family. At Winright Law, we want to help you come up with legal strategies to help make payments more manageable. We are here to help you get your life back on track Learn more.

Personal Dispute

Sometimes, disputes cannot be resolved easily and with everyone sitting down to talk through it. At Winright law we can help resolve your problems by finding the best outcome to your dispute. Learn more.

Wills, Estates & Probate

Looking after you and your loved ones are our top priority, which is why we often advise that getting a will is crucial. Otherwise, many end up running into probate issues that will add unnecessary stress to an already difficult situation. Learn more.

Real Estate Property

Purchasing a new home is the start to an exciting adventure in your life. However, all the paperwork and contracts can certainly hinder your ability to enjoy this milestone. At Winright Law, we can help you with your purchase so you can relax and enjoy your new purchase. Learn more.

Wealth Preservation

Knowing the legal tools available to you is important to keep your hard-earned assets yours. At Winright Law we can provide you with the legal advice that can help protect your wealth. Learn more.

Starting A Business

Starting your own business, in the beginning, is like running a marathon with no finish line in sight. With more than a million things to do, the list seems never-ending. Learn More

Running A Business

Owning and running a business is no easy feat; we understand the difficulties of running a business. We want to help local businesses grow and help you navigate through all the legal difficulties to help you become successful in your business. Learn More.

Business Debt

Recovering a business debt is not something any business owner wants to do, when you could be running your business. We could help you find strategies to help recover your debt, as soon as possible. Learn More.

Buying or Selling A Business

Along with buying or selling a business comes many legal jargons and paperwork that can oftentimes confuse and complicate matters. And let’s be honest, nobody has time for that. At Winright Law, we can help you deal with this, which leaves you the time needed to get ready to pursue your new venture. Learn More.

Business Dispute

Disputes are not pleasant, let alone business disputes. Winright Law wants to help you by understanding your business, finding the quickest and best strategy to alleviate your business disagreements. Learn More.

About Winright

We give you big firm treatment of custom attention to your individual problems, but without the outrageous uncertainty of time-based legal fees. We give you efficient and reliable legal services in person and online at your convenience, but without the risk of relying on legal services from someone you have never met.


We give you the best of both worlds, but also give you the certainty of a legal budget by fixing our fees for you, and we’ll be keeping in touch with you to make sure everything goes smoothly afterwards.