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Winright Law in Vancouver, BC is an innovative business and real estate law firm practicing law differently and building a work environment where culture matters.

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Who We’re Looking For – at Winright Law

Winright Law has rapidly expanded and is looking to continue to build its innovative community of lawyers (solicitors and/or litigators) that want to practice “new law” and fit Winright culture, plus want flexibility in where, how, and when they work.

Lawyers who want in-house legal counsel positions on a P/T and on-demand basis

Entrepreneurial Lawyers looking to establish or build their book of business

Coworking Lawyers looking for shared space but want to be around like-minded individuals

The Winright Way

Certainty on Pricing

At Winright Law, we offer our clients the flexibility of value-based pricing, banishing billable hours altogether allowing you to better plan for the future.

Personalized Customer Experience

We understand the personal nature of your legal issue and know that true satisfaction can only be achieved by way of a personalized relationship.

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We help you get started in understanding your legal position and how it will affect you financially.

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