Statement of Adjustments Calculator

When you are purchasing real estate, there are several key milestones along the way. One of the major milestones is collecting sufficient monies to pay the remaining monies needed to close your transaction.

This document is called a statement of adjustments. Below, you’ll learn what a statement of adjustments is and hopefully, find our statement of adjustments calculator to be helpful.

A Financial Statement

Essentially, a statement of adjustments is a financial statement prepared by a lawyer or notary.

It lays out all the costs that you, the buyer, will need to pay as part of the closing process to purchase your property.

What’s in the Statement of Adjustments

The statement of adjustments contains calculations, such as:

  • – Property sale price as agreed upon in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • – Deposit paid by the buyer
  • – Costs to the buyer
  • – Credits to the buyer
  • – Credits to the seller
  • – Adjustments to the costs
  • – Total amount the buyer must pay on closing
  • – How the purchase price will be paid by the buyer
  • – Various other costs depending on the transaction: Assuming (taking over) a mortgage, property taxes, unmetered utilities, common expenses, etc.

Statement of Adjustments Calculator

Now that you have a better idea what a statement of adjustments is, you may find it useful to know the amount you will have to pay to complete your transaction.

So that’s why we made a statement of adjustments calculator. Simply enter the relevant information and you will be given the amount you’d have to pay for your property upon closing.

But Remember…

Certain conditions or situations related to your property purchase may not give 100% accurate results.

And this statement of adjustments calculator is for your guidance only and should not be used to confirm final amounts, as further information may still be required.

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  • Estimated Balance:
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Buyers' Statement of Adjustments
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Debit Credit
Purchase Price
Property Transfer Tax (PTT)
Deposit Paid
Mortgage Proceeds
Buyer portion of Taxes paid by Sellers: (total tax). Debit Buyer from (adjustment date) to (end of year). (total tax) x (days to adjust) / (days in year)
Credit Seller from Buyer Prorated Strata Fees
Strata Fees
Legal Fees
Dispersement Fee
Balance estimated