Steven RehbergMarketing Director & Community Manager

Testimonial – Steven 

After graduating university with a business degree, I can honestly say that the last place I expected to end up was at a law firm.  From my first day, however I soon realized that Winright Law is not just any law firm- it is an innovative business that happens to practice law as well.

Winright Law takes care of its customers, empowers its employees, and utilizes innovative practices better than most other businesses.  Although they take their work very seriously, the office is an easy environment to work in.  No birthday goes uncelebrated, every win is applauded, and afternoon barbeques are the regular.  It is the company’s goal to build a culture that rivals the likes of Google or Zappos, and the firm is well on track.

The team at Winright feels more like a family than a group of coworkers- honestly.  How often can you say that about a group of people, and get paid to be around them all day?  Despite my being one of the few in the office not working within the legal field, Winston and the rest of the Winright team made me feel involved and included, at all times.

During my time at Winright, I had the opportunity to work directly with Winston, the firm’s founder, on a regular basis.  As a marketer, this was extremely helpful as it allowed me to truly understand the brand that I was trusted to help guide.  At Winright, the same guidance is offered to every other employee as well, whether from Winston himself or one of the firm’s knowledgeable senior lawyers.  Even as a non-legal professional, it was clear to me just how positively such mentorship arrangements benefitted the junior legal staff and students.  As such, I believe that Winright Law not only provides its staff with every opportunity to succeed on a personal level, but with every opportunity to grow and develop professionally as well.