Doug Hager - Winright Law Senior Counsel

Dear Friends,

I have news that is both sad and exciting.

We relocated from our Granville office approximately two years ago to a new office at Broadway and Cambie. Everything was proceeding swimmingly when my friend and colleague, Sky Anderson, died. This was a great shock to ourselves and to the legal community.

Nevertheless, Liann and I decided we would continue with the law practice. We found ourselves on the same floor as another law firm and quickly became acquainted and friendly with our neighbours at Winright Law. Ultimately, we decided to join with Winright in order to provide better legal support for all of  you (my clients). Consequently, as of April 1, 2021, together with Winston Kam, the founder of Winright Law, created Winright Legacy Law Corporation. I have been appointed Senior Counsel, and together with Liann and the rest of the crew, we look forward to supporting you in all of your legal needs.

Winright is one of the top real estate firms in Vancouver and they have developed an excellent reputation in business law as well as in wills and estates, in both wide solicitor’s work and litigation when that becomes necessary.

Liann and I will be moving down the hall shortly to Winright’s office. Our new office address is #621 – 550 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 0E9. We can still be reached at 604-736-8021 and I am always available on my cell  604-313-9449. Winright’s main line is 604-559-2529. You can also reach me by email at [email protected] or both Liann and I through Winright’s email for all my clients at [email protected]

I sincerely hope that you and your families will continue to rely on us for your legal needs. I am proud to be able to share such a warm and supporting environment like I have found with Winright and the people who work there. I look forward to introducing you all to Winston and his staff in due course.


Winright Legacy Law Corporation


Doug Hager

Senior Counsel

To all of Doug Hager’s clients:

Winright Law is delighted to have Doug and Liann join the Winright family. We knew they would be a great fit for our organization. Very early on recognized that we shared similar values, particularly their commitment to impeccable service to their clients.

Even before Doug and I first discussed the possibility of him and Liann joining our law firm, Doug always spoke about his commitment in taking care of his clients. When he talked about the service he gives, he talked about always having his cellphone near him so that his clients could reach him whenever and wherever.  When he talked about his clients, he talked about them as his friends and family, often recounting many stories he accumulated over the years and through generations with them and their families. I know now that anyone who crosses paths with Doug knows that his life revolves around taking care of his clients. With Doug, it is not just a priority or a business objective; it is the foundation upon which his law practice is built. This is a value that we, at Winright, consistently strive for and always seek to improve.

That is why we had no qualms inviting Doug and Liann to join us – we equally share in a desire to make sure all our clients get the legal support they need. Although we understand this is no easy feat, and we have big shoes to fill (after all, Doug’s practice with Kaplan Waddell is now 52 years and counting), we are ready to begin this journey with Doug and Liann and to dedicate ourselves to ensure that all your needs are handled the way that they, Frank Kaplan, and Duff Waddell would want.   

And what better way to begin this journey than to formalize right at the start, recognition of the legacy we hope to create with Doug. A legacy of the continuation of his practice with clients like you, by incorporating a new law firm – Winright Legacy, with Doug and I leading the helm. This will be but one of the small ways that we strive to continue Doug’s story of great client service and our commitment to all of you.

Although I have only had the pleasure of meeting a few of you, I look forward to working with Doug and meeting or talking to all of you. In the meantime, rest assured that any client or friend of Doug’s is certainly a cherished client and friend of mine.


Winright Legacy Law Corporation


Winston Kam

Lawyer and Principal

Winston Kam - Lawyer & Founder