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Business Lawyers on Cambie & Broadway

One of the busiest intersections in Vancouver, Broadway and Cambie is home to numerous businesses in a wide variety of industries. It’s called the “Heart of Vancouver” by the Business Improvement Areas of Vancouver for a reason. Aside from being home to Vancouver City Hall, it is located next to Downtown Vancouver, which would lower the chance of encountering traffic congestion. Our Vancouver lawyers in the Cambie Village can help you draft up any type of legal contract and take care of all the legalities that come with starting a small businessrunning a businesslitigation, and purchasing and selling a business.

Our Business Legal Services Include:

  • Incorporations
  • Registered & Records Office
  • Share Transfers
  • Purchase and Sale of Business Assets
  • Contract Drafting (Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Bespoke)
  • Purchase and Sale of Shares
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Rollovers
  • Employment Agreements (Non-Competes, NDAs)

In the Cambie Village area, there are almost 50,000 residents, and that number is growing three times faster than the rest of Vancouver. A significant number of these residents are between the ages of 30 to 34 years old. Most of the residents in this area have university degrees and an average income higher than the rest of Metro Vancouver. What all this means for your business is that by setting up shop on Broadway and Cambie, you will have a customer base of young and educated people with more disposable income than average. The area also borders the affluent South Cambie and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods.

The City of Vancouver is planning to invest at least $450 million on developing the area with mixed-use buildings, having retail and office space on the first two floors. The process has already started, since older retail buildings have been demolished to pave a way for the future.

Home of the Canada Line at the Broadway & Cambie SkyTrain Station, Vancouver is also planning on constructing a Broadway subway line that will intersect with the SkyTrain line, making the intersection an extremely high-traffic hub in a decade’s time. Zoning in the area specifically encourages pedestrian-oriented businesses that serve local needs. It seems to be working, as 85% of businesses in the area are small with fewer than 20 employees. With such significant investment and development planned by one of the largest cities in Canada, the sooner you set up shop the better.

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How Our Cambie & Broadway Real Estate Lawyers Can Help

Whether you’re purchasing a home or commercial property on Broadway & Cambie or you’re a real estate developer dealing with permits and bylaws, our Broadway & Cambie real estate lawyers and legal professionals can provide guidance in making your transaction seamless. Avoid unnecessary headaches and hassle by completing your transaction at Winright Law.

Our Real Estate Law Services:

  • Residential Purchases
  • Residential Sales
  • Residential Refinancing
  • Private Lending
  • Family Transfers
  • Pre-Sale Purchases
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Reviews
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Real Estate Property Assessment Appeals – Appeal Board

Right now, 85% of housing in the Broadway & Cambie area is apartments, which is slightly more Vancouver’s average of 80%. Most of the housing was built after 2001, in order to meet the housing demand that was caused by the establishment of the Canada Line SkyTrain. The plan for the next few decades is to increase by 5,000 rental units, 2,000 more multi-family lots and 2,800 social housing units. That translates into tens of thousands of new residents, leading the neighbourhood bigger than your average city in BC.

Along with accommodations, the city plans on adding over 20 acres in park space and upgrading/expanding the bicycle network to make commuting even easier for locals. Factor in the incoming Broadway subway line, living on Broadway & Cambie will keep you conveniently connected to the rest of Vancouver without having a car.

Housing prices on Cambie have been increasing over the past years by around 8%. In the first quarter of 2020, a typical 2-bedroom condo cost approximately $1.1 million to purchase. Even with all of the additional residences slated for construction, demand will only go up in this area as it undergoes development.

How Our Cambie & Broadway Estate Planning Lawyers Can Help

With the average household income on Broadway & Cambie on the rise, it has never been more important for residents of Broadway & Cambie to protect their estates. It is important to set up a comprehensive plan that guarantees your assets are properly managed and distributed upon death. Winright Law’s experts in wealth preservation can make sure that happens.

Our Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Wills
  • Declarations of Trusts
  • Promissory Notes
  • Probate
  • Family Trusts
  • Cohabitation/Marriage Agreements

Ensuring that you have a will that is legally valid would lower the burden on your family and friends, and Winright Law is here to guide you through every step. In situations where a loved one has passed away without a will, our lawyers can help you deal with the probate process and administer the estate appropriately. We can also help you with preserving your wealth through other means including trusts, contracts and promissory notes.

About Cambie & Broadway, Vancouver

Appropriately called the “Heart of Vancouver”, the intersection of Broadway & Cambie will be the true center of Vancouver in the next decade or two. The addition of a Broadway subway line to complement the Canada Line SkyTrain is going to increase pedestrian traffic to the already bustling neighbourhood. The intersection is home primarily to small retail and restaurant businesses, but big-box retailers like Home Depot and Whole Foods have also found space.

Investing in the neighbourhood now, either as a business owner, or as someone looking for a new home, is a smart move. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a community just as it starts a $400 million+ make-over.

There are certainly no questions as to why Broadway & Cambie lawyers at Winright Law are excited to provide legal services residents in this thriving city.

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