eal Estate Law

Vancouver Real Estate Lawyers

If you’re purchasing a home or commercial property, or are a real estate developer dealing with permits and bylaws, our real estate law professionals can provide guidance in making your transaction seamless. Avoid paperwork and red tape by supporting your transaction with Winright Law.


Residential Transactions

The real estate market in Metro Vancouver is constantly evolving. Having the expertise of experienced real estate lawyers puts you at ease during this big decision. At Winright Law, we pride ourselves on our experienced legal team’s ability to provide our real estate clients with peace of mind.

Commercial Transactions

The purchase or sale of commercial real estate or property is a huge decision to make—especially in Metro Vancouver. Whether you’ve found the perfect location for your business or need to sell your commercial property, our lawyers can make your transition as seamless as possible.

Real Estate Development

Real estate development in Vancouver can be a challenging venture which frequently requires investors to navigate multiple legal intricacies at once. Dealing with permits, bylaws, or potential disputes without the help of a lawyer can add frustration to the development process.