Winright Law aims to be the leader of innovative practices in the legal industry, by consistently providing better legal services to our clients and a better work environment for our employees.

Winright Law’s Mission

Our mission is to lead, inspire, and provide a better legal experience.

This mission is exemplified by our values:

  • We are approachable.
  • We are operationally efficient.
  • We innovate always.
  • We collaborate.
  • We problem solve by finding solutions.

These values act as our compass, to ensure that each and every one of Winright team members understands why we do what we do.

Our values also let you, our client, know that you can feel confident working with us. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and work towards achieving your goals.

Our Values


We Are Approachable

Seeing a lawyer is usually seen as an unpleasant experience, whether it is the feeling that you are being charged for every second with your lawyer or feeling that your lawyer is acting condescending to you. But not all law firms do this, and certainly not ours.

We pride ourselves on being approachable, who genuinely care about helping you as best as we can.

And we take the time to get to know your case prior to even charging our regular rates, so you can feel more at ease to discuss your situation with your lawyer at Winright Law.

You may not always need legal advice, but when you do, wouldn’t it be nice if the law firm you worked with was approachable? We think so, too.

Blue and White Winright Law coffe cup sitting on a desk.
A man petting a Golden Lab dog

We Innovate Always

Innovation is a word thrown around a lot but rarely is it seen in a tangible way. What’s different at Winright Law is we look at innovation as a way to provide better service to our clients.

That means we don’t innovate just for the sake of trying something new and shiny. We innovate because it makes sense and helps our clients.

For example, we created a Property Transfer Tax calculator for our website. This free tool helps clients take the guesswork out of understanding some of the financial details of their purchase.

Innovation can be simple or complex, but for us, it always goes back to what will best serve our clients.

We are Operationally Efficient

We understand that your matter needs attention and meeting expectations is important to you. As such, informing you of expected timelines and getting work done in a timely manner matters to our clients.

At Winright Law we are constantly improving operational efficiency.

Whether its new software tools, workflow analysis or using agile methods or Kanban boards, operational efficiency lets our team focus on what is most important – providing great service that is efficient for all our clients.

We Problem Solve by Finding Solutions

Many lawyers seem to cause more problems than they solve, often creating a complexity that is left with the client to deal with alone.

With every problem that arises for our clients, we try our best to solve because we canvas a number of possible solutions for our clients.

Every problem should always come with a solution, and not only in a reactionary sense but also in a proactive sense, so we try to help you with issues before they arise.

We Collaborate

What Winright Law is not, is a firm of independent cowboys, where each member of the legal team keeps to themselves and works in a vacuum.

Some of the best ideas come through a process of bouncing innovative ideas and solutions around others.

At Winright Law, a fundamental difference between our law firm and others is our team based approach to delivering legal services.

And because collaboration is at the heart of our practice, our clients receive the benefit of not one lawyer and one assistant looking into their files, but the entire Winright team finding the best solutions for our clients.

Does this resonate with you?

Contact us today and find out what the Winright Law team can do for you because, at the end of the day, it’s our actions that will speak the loudest.