Vancouver Business Law: Professionals

As a business owner, it is important to seek legal advice tailored to your specific industry.

Whether you are a professional in health care, or a real estate agent looking to start a personal real estate corporation (PREC), professionals have a slightly more complicated structure to work from, given that there are legislative requirements. No matter if you are looking to set up a practice, sell your practice, or purchase an existing practice, it is not only complicated and time consuming, but it will also take time away from your patients and clients.

At Winright, we understand the demands of being a professional in all regulated industries in Vancouver and British Columbia, in general, and that stress should not keep you from doing what you do best. We are here to help any regulated professionals, such as Dentists, Physicians, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Registered Massage Therapists, Real Estate Agents and everything in between!

We aim to help you avoid issues that may cause delays or get into troubles, and provide a peace of mind as you embark on incorporating, purchasing / selling your practice, and beyond. You can expect a full-service package from us, as we help with:

  • Incorporating, which should even be considered while you are working as an associate, and ensuring your practice will comply with all the requirements of the authority;
  • Working with your accountant to create a tax efficient structure for you and/or your family;
  • Working with your accountant for corporate reorganizations;
  • Creating family trusts within your tax structure of your incorporation;
  • Ongoing annual filings to keep your corporate minute book up to date;
  • Purchasing an existing practice and negotiating its terms;
  • Selling your practice and working with third parties to ensure a suitable sale price and transition;
  • Reviewing and negotiating leases with landlords;
  • Drafting cost sharing agreements for office sharing partners;
  • Drafting employment agreements for your staff;  
  • Drafting associate agreements for your associates; and 
  • Everything in between! 

 Contact us today at 604-559-2529 or email us at [email protected], and we will answer any questions you might have during your initial consultation.

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