Vancouver Business Law: Running A Business

As a business owner, it is important to seek legal advice tailored to your specific industry.

At Winright Law, it is our number one priority to ensure that your business continues to operate efficiently and effectively. This is why our lawyers take the time to understand both your company and industry—so that we can resolve any legal issues as soon as possible. We are firm believers that customized legal service provides small-to-medium sized businesses with greater opportunities for smart growth, financial security, and business success.

As business lawyers, we are passionate about getting to know our clients. We understand the importance of adapting our services as your business needs evolve, and are experienced in handling the many challenges that businesses across different industries face.

When dealing with business agreements in Vancouver, it is often a good idea to have a qualified business lawyer provide legal advice and contract feedback.

Common legal services which our lawyers provide to small businesses in Vancouver include drafting of commercial agreements and designations of employees and independent contractors.

Commercial Business Agreements

When dealing with commercial agreements, it is important to consider all the parties involved and how you can protect your business from liability.

Whether drafting these agreements with consumers or suppliers, Winright Law’s skilled team of business lawyers can help you identify which party is responsible for each aspect of the agreement. In addition, common topics that we advise on also include: representations and warranties regarding products, confidentiality issues, non-disclosure clauses, and termination clauses.

Employee vs. Independent Contractors

Winright Law’s team of small business lawyers have the experience to help you draft contracts—with both employees and independent contractors—that will allow your business to excel in Vancouver.

Having a trusted business law firm on your side when sorting out employee designations can serve as an important asset for the growth of your business. Having a lawyer draft and negotiate these contracts with your employees, independent contractors, suppliers, and consumers from the outset is vital to ensuring that your business will continue to operate smoothly.

As an example, a common source of dispute or liability may extend from accidentally or inadvertently classifying an employee as an independent contractor. Although the Employment Standards Act defines an employee very broadly, simply designating someone as an independent contractor will not automatically classify them as such in most cases.

If you do run into any disputes, Winright Law also has a team of business litigation lawyers who can help you resolve these matters in an amicable and timely fashion.  Further, our business lawyers can also assist you with the dissolution or restoration of a company in Vancouver.

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