How Vancouver Business Lawyers Can Help You Start A Business

Starting your own business is like running a marathon with no finish line in sight. With all that is required, your list of tasks may seem never-ending. The last thing you want to worry about is how a potential legal issue—or how local business law in Metro Vancouver—might affect the setup of your company. When incorporating your business, prioritizing relevant legal aspects early on will save you time by preventing the need to revisit unforeseen business issues later. That’s why you need a small business lawyer to help.

Starting A Business in Vancouver

Seeking out business legal advice from a trusted Vancouver business lawyer will be crucial to the success of your startup. For instance, consulting with a small business lawyer can help you decide whether you should operate as a corporation, partnership, or as a sole practitioner. This important decision will have a significant impact on your company—particularly regarding your business taxes.

Winright Law was built around its team of business law experts who specialize in helping restaurants, professional companies, accounting firms, architecture firms, tech startups, and small-to-medium sized businesses grow. Whether your business is a private or public company, Winright’s business lawyers can help with your incorporation at both the provincial and federal level. In addition, our team offers custom-tailored small business legal consultations, which serve as a great opportunity to identify the relevant legal considerations your company might encounter.

Incorporation: Vancouver Commercial Law

There are multiple steps involved in the process of incorporating a small business. Some of these steps are listed below, but all are best handled by a local Vancouver business lawyer:

  1. Obtaining approval of your company name;
  2. Establishing the articles or the rules that govern your company;
  3. Expanding or limiting the responsibilities of directors;
  4. Writing shareholder agreements and organizing the share structure of your company, i.e., attaching special rights or restrictions to any class or series of shares of the company; and
  5. Setting a special majority required to pass a special resolution.

In Vancouver, Winright Law’s passionate team of talented business lawyers possess the experience to deal with each of your business issues. Our small business lawyers in Vancouver can save you time by managing the finer details of your legal incorporation. This way, you can handle all the other aspects of your new startup business.

Learn more about our team of Vancouver business lawyers to see our credentials or contact us for a free legal assessment to find out if we’re the right fit to help you with the legal needs of your business. The small business lawyers at our Vancouver office would love to help you get your business up and running.

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