Personal Debt

Being in debt is a stressful and often frightening situation to be in, not only is debt a personal stressor but it can affect your loved ones. That is why, seeking a solicitor to help manage your debt situation can help alleviate the stress. Oftentimes dealing with the demands from several creditors can be confusing, not knowing who to pay first, and what to do.

Winright Law can handle your creditors on your behalf, putting an end to the daily harassments. We can make contact with your creditors to negotiate and agree upon an affordable amount of payment, and provide options that are available helping you manage your finances.

By talking to a professional and assessing your options it can greatly ease your mind off of your debt. At Winright Law, our understanding and friendly lawyers can offer an ear to listen to your financial problems and give you confidential advice that you need to get you back on track.

Alternatively, when claiming for debt, you have to keep in mind that due to the new Limitation Act, there is now a two-year basic limitation period for you to start a claim from the date of the discovery of your claim, minus certain exceptions. For example, a person discovers a claim on the first day the person knew or reasonably ought to have known that injury, loss or damage had occurred.

If a person owes you a debt and is not paying, Winright Law can help you garnish that person’s wages. We work to collect as much information as possible regarding the debtors, regarding their occupation, employer, banking information, and other assets. Winright Law knows the intricacies regarding when and how to best garnish wages.

We can help you by not only chasing the debt that you are owed, but we can help you prevent it from occurring next time by guiding you to protect your company from the outset. With us, you are in capable hands.

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