Personal Disputes

Dealing with disputes between you and another person can be taxing and unpleasant. Nobody wants a dispute, it can lead to damaging allegations and bad blood between individuals. At Winright Law we can work with you to find the best outcome for you that avoids, excessive costs, unpleasantness, and anxiety.

Once we know what your dispute is we can discuss and provide options to come up with an approach best suited towards your needs. Our goal, is to provide you with a quick and successful resolution for you.

Oftentimes, going to court to address a dispute takes time and is costly. At Winright Law we seek to do things differently to help our clients reach their goals as efficiently as possible. Aside from the traditional method of seeking the courts for disputes, we offer alternative methods to help resolve your problems.

Alternative Methods Disputes (ADR)

Alternative methods for dispute resolutions comes in the form of mediation, arbitration, and negotiation. Mediation and arbitration provides a neutral ground where both parties can work out differences and come to a resolution that is fair and addresses concerns both parties may have. Our staff can offer innovative solutions that can help your mediation or arbitration process as smoothly as possible.

Mediation processes are often used as it is informal and efficient way of handling legal disputes. It is great if you desire to maintain your relationship with the other person, and solves the issue at hand as quickly as possible. Often, solving disputes with the court system relies on the discretion of the judge, mediation processes provide the clients with more control over the outcome providing a satisfactory result to both parties.

Arbitration on the other hand, has an appointed neutral third party adjudicator that decides on the result of the dispute. Arbitrators plays a similar role to a judge in a court case. It is a fact that arbitration can be as expensive as going to court, however we as your lawyers can be in communication with the opposing party and work with them to limit documents and discoveries to lessen the cost of the ordeal.

Whether you are looking to dispute a case in court, or using an alternative method to resolve your dispute we can certainly provide you with the best strategy and advice to offer you the best result.

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