Kelvin LaiLegal Assistant

Kelvin Lai

Testimonial – Kelvin Lai

I was a 2015 summer student with Winright Law. During my time at the firm, I completed two rotations in litigation/solicitor work and conveyancing. It was an invaluable and enriching experience that I genuinely enjoyed.

I was able to experience a variety of different legal areas and better understand the function of law in everyday life and its effect on clients, as opposed to law school where it is mainly theory and case-based.
Initially, I was attracted to the innovative approach of Winright Law. Winright Law is a “New Law” type of law firm – meaning the way clients are charged or the culture of the firm is different from your traditional type of law firms (known as “Old Law”). I was intrigued by this new approach and decided to apply for the summer student position. After a couple of interviews, I was taken on as a summer student.

The Good:
Two weeks into my position, I was assigned a multi-million dollar property assessment appeal case. Needless to say, I was a little intimidated and nervous to take on such a case so early. However, the firm provided a lot of support and ensured I was comfortable with the tasks I was given, such as conducting legal research to preparing arguments and supporting evidence.

Besides this case, I was exposed to a variety of other legal matters. For example, I helped draft contracts and exclusivity agreements, incorporated companies, drafted separation agreements, drafted documents for purchase and sale of businesses and real estate transactions, and witnessed the signing of wills.
Even as a summer student, I felt valued at the firm. For example, I was consulted on hiring and other business decisions. My work was appreciated and recognized, and my colleagues were nice and supportive – they did not hesitate to lend a helping hand when I needed assistance.

Also, I was invited by the firm to a few networking events. These events were fun (with great food!) and provided the opportunity to meet interesting people from different industries.

The Bad:
It is difficult to pinpoint something “bad” about my experience at the firm. If I had to choose one thing, it would probably be the steep learning curve at the beginning. That being said, I was given a lot of support and received constructive criticism for my work.

Bottom Line:
I am really thankful for the opportunity that I was given. I would recommend Winright Law to anyone – whether for legal services or for employment.