Morris ChoySummer Student

Testimonial – Morris Choy 

I could not have asked for a more rewarding summer experience than my summer at Winright Law. I was constantly challenged by the work assigned to me, and was always expected to deliver high-quality results. While I was exposed to all aspects of the firm’s practice, including both litigation and solicitor’s work, I was encouraged to focus on my interest in business and real estate law. In particular, I had the opportunity to assist in revising and drafting share purchase agreements and commercial lease agreements, as well as advise clients with their business and legal questions. Both during formal reviews and informal conversations, I was asked about my expectations and goals, and was in turn offered advice and feedback.

A distinct advantage of being a summer student at Winright Law is the opportunity to work on multiple stages of a file, sometimes from beginning to end. I was brought into initial client consultations and followed through with legal research, drafting, negotiations, meetings and finally the deliverables to the client. Being involved in the entire process gave me a complete understanding of each file and what lawyer work entails. Such a comprehensive experience is something taken for granted as a summer student at Winright, but may not be available in a larger firm setting.

The progressive, collegial culture of the firm is what makes it a great place to work and a great place to learn. An open-concept office meant I always felt comfortable asking lawyers or staff at the firm for help. I could always rely on getting quick answers to my questions when I posed them to lawyers sitting across from me or through our internal messaging system. Although I was given a great deal of autonomy on my files, I never felt isolated and I always had the support of my colleagues. It would be inaccurate to say Winright has an open-door policy; there are no doors to begin with.

Working at Winright Law is exciting, challenging, and enriching. I would recommend any student who is self-motivated, hard-working and entrepreneurial to submit an application to the firm.