Feature Friday – The Vancouver Condo Team

Welcome to Winright’s “Feature Fridays”!

As a law firm that stresses the importance of corporate culture, our “Feature Fridays” segment aims to discover how other companies are using their company culture to make a difference within their industry.

We hope that by celebrating creative corporate cultures, we will bring awareness towards the innovative businesses that are gaining traction in Vancouver’s business community.

For this week’s segment, we are featuring The Vancouver Condo Team.

Check out what Amar Pal has to say about The Vancouver Condo Team’s company culture, as well as his perspective on Vancouver’s real estate industry:

When did your company start and who are the founders?

“Our team started in 2015 and I am the founder.”

What inspired you to start this company?

“I worked as a solo Realtor for many years, and knew creating a team who specialized in the condo market would give us stronger service for our clients, better ability to learn from each other and have a greater presence in the industry overall. I’m a believer that 1+1=3 when it comes to growing a business.”

How would you define your company culture?

“Passionate for what we do but not too serious. Our clients are a lot like our friends and family. We get to be professional, but just informal enough to stay fun and make the process relaxed.”

What do you or your employees like most about working for this company?

“Working with each other. Being a Realtor can be very isolating, so having a team makes the job more enjoyable.”

What does a typical day look like for you (or, for your company)?

“Various meetings and showings around town and office hours in between. 7 days/week.”

What are the biggest challenges facing your industry right now?

“Unaffordability for our clients and finding ways for locals to afford Vancouver.”

What do you find your industry needs and how do you think the work you are doing is changing/impacting your industry?

“Better ethics and putting clients needs first. Most agents are good at this, but a few bad ones get all of the attention. We are very transparent with our clients every step of the way and have a large focus on educating and informing them.”

Where do you think the company is headed in the next 5 years?

“We have plans for a new office in the Olympic Village next year and likely a few more agents to join our team. Beyond that, 5 years is a long time and could be a lot of things.”

Finally, what is your spirit animal, and why?

“A tiger. I like how a tiger moves methodically, and then pounces at the right time. They’re strong but not reckless or wasteful of energy. That’s how I feel.”

If you want to learn more about The Vancouver Condo Team, you can visit their website at: http://www.vancouvercondoteam.com.

Thanks for sharing, Amar!


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