How to Easily Calculate Property Transfer Tax

Property Transfer Tax (“PTT”) is a BC provincial tax that needs to be paid whenever you purchase or gain an interest in a BC property, unless an exemption applies. For more information, please see the BC Property Transfer Tax page.

Use our free PTT calculator

Since you may have to pay Property Transfer Tax for your next purchase, it is important to know what the costs are so there are no surprises, especially since legislation has recently changed in 2018 with how much is to be paid.

PTT is calculated differently depending on your situation.

BC Property Transfer Tax Calculator

Click to Try the PTT Calculator

So to make it easy, we created an easy-to-use online PTT calculator. All you need to do is input some information and you’ll know what your PTT could end up being.

The PTT calculator is a tool so you’ll still need to verify what your final PTT amount will be. But at least you’ll have an idea as to what you can expect.

Exciting but challenging

Purchasing a home is an exciting time, but we understand how challenging it can be, too. Hopefully, the PTT calculator and our video about the conveyancing process (the process for purchasing a home) can help make things a little easier and less stressful.

We’re also here to help if you have any questions about purchasing a home and the legal costs involved.

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