Small Business Ideas in B.C. – Best Business to Start in B.C.

The thriving and supportive economic and business environment in British Columbia makes it a great place to start a small business. In this guide on small business ideas in B.C., we’ll cover several amazing ideas you can get started with, what to consider when going after a profitable business idea in B.C., and lots of other information to help you get started.

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What Are the Best Businesses to Start in B.C.?

Here are 12 small business ideas you can get started within B.C. without much effort. However, remember to arm yourself with information about the requirements of running these businesses to protect your business from trouble with the law.

If you need some help finding out about regulations and licenses, feel free to contact Vancouver business lawyers for support.

1. Cleaning Business

Cleaning businesses are especially profitable in B.C. thanks to people’s spending power and the fact that cleaning is a recurring activity. Therefore, if you establish yourself as a reliable cleaning service provider, you can count on making decent bank every month.

The first essential step is to decide what your specialty will be. For example, will you be cleaning houses, offices, or other spaces? Once you’ve established that, you now know who to target. You’ll need to get insurance, the specific licenses and requirements needed, and cleaning equipment to get started.

With time, you’ll be able to hire other people as the workload increases. A cleaning business in B.C. can rack in $200 and above, depending on the size of the cleaning area and other considerations.

2. Food Truck Business

We all need to eat, and running a food truck is a fabulous small business idea in B.C., especially when you don’t have enough capital to set up your own brick-and-mortar restaurant. Food trucks in British Columbia, Canada, make about $250,000 – $500,000 annually, while the cost of starting one ranges from around $40,000 – $200,000 on the high end.

This means that you’ll be able to make your money back in a few months if you’re bringing in around $20,000 – $40,000 monthly.

We highly recommend this small business idea for those of you who are deeply passionate about the culinary arts.

3. Tour Guide Business

There are numerous sites to see in B.C., and tourists are always eager to explore all corners of this beautiful province. In 2020, the tourism industry in B.C. generated $7.1 billion in revenue. This tells you that if you strategically place and market your tour guide business, you’ll be on your way to a financially free and content life.

This profitable business idea is especially great for people who love the history of B.C. and acquiring knowledge about B.C. You don’t need much to get started. In fact, if you have good WiFi, a laptop or smartphone, and the passion to be successful, you can get started any time.

Provide tourists with a platform to book the tours, and you’re well on your way to becoming a great tour guide in B.C. The average tour guide in British Columbia makes over $18 an hour.

4. Car Wash Business

Here again, is where B.C.’s population and high disposable income work in your favour. A good car wash business can bring you over $40,000 annually if you’re running a small self-serve car wash.

This profitable business venture is great if you’re looking for business ideas to start with $100k. Your services can include washing, cleaning, and waxing. You’ll need a business license, insurance, and a valid driving license to operate your car wash business.

Check out this guide on how to start a business in Vancouver if you need more assistance in meeting all the requirements.

5. Marketing Consulting

Here is another business idea that will never go out of style. More and more people in B.C. and across the world are starting businesses and coming up with ideas to share with the world. A fantastic idea to tap into this growing market is to provide marketing consulting services to help them get noticed by the right customers.

You can launch your own marketing business at a low investment, especially if you already have experience in advertising or marketing. If not, you can always invest in online courses to enable you to boost your skills.

6. Driving School Business

You’ll need a driver’s training license to start a driving school business in B.C. Alternatively, you could choose to become a driving instructor instead of opening an entire driving school.

You’ll need to become a licensed driving instructor to offer these services in B.C. A driving instructor earns over $20 an hour. However, ensure that you’ve met all the requirements before you get started with offering these services to avoid getting into trouble.

7. Bakery Business

You can start a profitable bakery business in British Columbia, Canada, with $50,000. This investment will allow you to obtain zoning approval, a business permit, other required permits, the right equipment, and some help (if you need it).

Speaking of extra help, if you end up having several employees and you want to protect yourself from challenging your business, you can put in place non-compete clauses that protect you and your bakery.

Once your business is successfully running, you can expect to earn over $130,000 annually. However, it’s worth noting that you should liaise with the local government so that you have all the necessary permits, certifications, and inspections before you get started.

This is because you’ll be dealing with food, which can be a sensitive business to run.

8. Coffee Stand

You can set up your coffee stand with an investment of about $20,000, and expect an average income of $45,000 annually. Ensure that you get the necessary licenses and permits before you set up your coffee stand at a suitable location.

9. Music and Voice Lessons

Another of our best small business ideas is being a music teacher in British Columbia. On average, music teachers earn about $45,000 annually, offering music and voice lessons. Therefore, if you are skilled in voice coaching or have mastered a musical instrument, you can set up a simple music or voice class and attract interested parties. Do proper research to discover if you need to be certified by a regulatory body before you can provide your services.

10. Tutoring Business

Being a private tutor is a good idea to execute in B.C. because you can earn between $30 – $90 per hour. However, ensure that you are offering services in areas that you are great at.

For example, if you’re a law student or law graduate, you can become a private tutor offering law lessons to students.

11. Photography Business

Here’s another idea that requires skill and passion and is perfect for photographers. If you like whipping your camera out to take a snapshot of something you find beautiful or unique, this idea is for you.

Professional photographers in B.C. earn about $100 – $300 per hour, which depends on the level of experience, among other factors. If you decide to open up a gallery, ensure you have legal contracts drawn up when working with clients.

You could also take up small business insurance to protect yourself. Alternatively, you could choose to have your photography business purely online for more convenience.

12. Dog Walking Business

If you have time to spare, you like being outdoors, and you love dogs, this idea is a great option for you.

The great thing about this idea, compared to most of the profitable business ideas we’ve looked at above, is that you don’t need a business permit to operate. However, we recommend checking with your municipality before you get started to ensure that you’re in line with all the regulations.

On average, a dog walker in B.C. makes about $10 -$40 per walk, depending on the agreement with the client.

Now that we have several on-site profitable business ideas in B.C., let’s look at some online business ideas you can consider.

Online Small Business Ideas to Start in B.C.

Our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t look at some online business opportunities. After all, we live in a very digital age that is constantly changing and giving us opportunities to grow and earn income from anywhere in the world.

If you’re in British Columbia, here are the best online business ideas to consider.

1. Freelance Writing

No matter how much technology evolves and changes, writing will never go out of style. The forms may change, but you can always count on writing opportunities to be available. If you’re in B.C. and don’t know where to begin when finding a profitable business opportunity and you have WiFi, electricity, and a laptop, you can get started with freelance writing.

Another great thing about writing, in addition to never going out of style, is that you don’t need much experience to get started. As long as you can confidently and clearly communicate through your writing, you’re good to go.

With technology evolving and more companies in B.C. establishing and improving their online presence, you can count on constantly having at least three clients who need your writing. And as a freelance writer, you can write your articles, blog posts, and even e-books from the comfort of your home.

If you’re unsure how to approach clients, you can always check out freelance writing sites such as Upwork for paid opportunities.

2. Online Product Store

Our second online business idea is perfect for individuals with a product manufacturing or distribution business. Because more and more people purchase goods online, your product business cannot afford to be left behind.

Therefore, making an online store will allow you to tap into a wider target market and ensure your business does not become extinct.

3. YouTube

Becoming a YouTuber is another profitable business idea you can consider while you’re in B.C. You have a stage to create the kind of content you want and be your own boss.

Another fantastic aspect of YouTube is that you can have multiple channels with different content. You’ll also be able to record from any place and reach audiences from across the globe.

Check out this useful guide to learn about how much YouTubers make for more inspiration.

4. Online Courses

The days when we had to physically go to a school or university to get an education are long gone. Thanks to technology, more people learn new skills daily through online courses. By coming up with your own online course and selling it on the web, you can tap into this ever-expanding market.

We recommend creating online courses about things you know and are passionate about to reap the most rewards.

5. Virtual Assistance

As a virtual assistant, you’ll be responsible for carrying out administrative duties for your client, including making phone calls, booking travel, scheduling appointments, and more. Many companies in B.C. are hiring virtual assistants on a part-time basis.

This means you can be a virtual assistant while pursuing any other profitable business ideas on this list.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is arguably one of the most profitable business ideas on this list; you can start with little investment on your part. This type of small business is where you receive a commission for any sale made through your website, YouTube channel, and any other digital asset you have.

For example, if you are on YouTube and you talk about some products on your channel, link them in the description, and when someone clicks the link to buy the product, you’ll receive a commission.

7. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an option if you don’t already have a product-manufacturing business like the one we discussed above but you still want to sell products. This small business idea doesn’t require you to create the product, store it, or even ship it yourself.

All you are responsible for is creating an e-commerce store, and once you make a sale on the site, another party will be responsible for delivering the product to the customer. This business idea doesn’t require you to physically handle the goods allowing you to start and run your business with little to no investment and involvement.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business in B.C. can allow you to meet your financial goals quicker than you planned. Taking advantage of the favourable population and their high disposable income can turn your passion into financial freedom.

Some of the most profitable business ideas that you can execute at a low cost include offering services such as dog walking, photography, tutoring, music lessons, and all the online business opportunities discussed above.

It’s important you familiarize yourself with the law requirements of the new business you want to undertake beforehand to ensure that you fully comply with the laws in B.C.

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