Rachel LiStudent

    Testimonial from Rachel

    I consider myself very fortunate to have spent my summer with Winright Law for the experience was tremendously enriching. From my first day at the firm, I immediately felt welcomed into the team. The work environment at Winright Law is very dynamic, friendly and supportive, which makes each day at the firm a great pleasure. The lawyers and staff are enthusiastic about providing advice and sharing their knowledge.

    I gained valuable insight and knowledge of legal practice through extensive training in different practice areas. The rotation system is an excellent way to familiarize with day-to-day management of legal matters and build relationships with coworkers in a specific field. In fact, I was frequently provided guidance for hands-on work and encouraged to attend client meetings and phone calls. The supervisors really wanted to make each student’s summer educational and enjoyable.

    What really sets Winright Law apart is its culture of respect between colleagues at all levels and the ever-positive attitude of its personnel. Constructive feedback is regularly given to everyone and this allows the team to grow together and look for new solutions. Winright Law is a non-traditional law firm with innovative office concept that stimulates people to exchange ideas and this creates an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and is able to excel in his or her work.

    – Rachel